Dr Wei Wang

General Psychologist /注册心理学家

Dr Wang Psychology

PhD, BEd (Psych), Member of Australian Psychological Society /博士,澳洲心理学会会员

Brisbane CBD & Online Therapy /布里斯班中央商务区、线上

Languages: English, Mandarin /语言:英语,普通话

Issues I Can Help You With / 服务范围

About Dr Wei Wang

My name is Dr Wei Wang. I provide individual psychological consultation and support to adults for a range of presenting issues, including psychological and emotional, workplace, family, study, relationship etc. I have ample experience working with clients from various backgrounds and age groups. I encourage and support clients to develop and cultivate their inner strengths so that they will be able to better their coping capacities with independence and confidence.

I am committed to providing client-centred psychological therapy using evidence-based techniques to improve and strengthen psychological health. I offer in-person and online therapy services, which means I am available to people in Brisbane and beyond who may need more flexible options to attend appointments due to geographical location or other barriers preventing them from attending in person.

I hold a PhD in psychology and worked as an academic in Australian universities for many years before I started on the path to put the theories into practice working in the private sector as a generalist psychologist. Given that background in particular, I have worked with many tertiary students to enrich their university study experiences and better their coping capacities of managing their study load and coping with difficult periods of time during their studies.

I have been a registered psychologist since 1997. I am a Member Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Chinese Speaking Psychologist

I can also provide psychology sessions in Mandarin (Mandarin-speaking psychologist).


我是王卫博士,澳洲注册执业心理师(心理医生)。 我为成年人提供相关心理、情感、家庭、工作、关系等一系列问题的个人心理咨询和支持。 我有丰富的与来自不同背景和年龄段的咨客合作的经验。

我鼓励和支持咨客发展和培养他们的内在力量,以便他们能够独立和自信地提高他们的应对能力。 我致力于使用循证技术提供以咨客为中心的心理治疗,以改善和增进心理健康。 我提供面对面和在线治疗服务,这意味着布里斯班及其他地区的咨客因为地理位置或其他障碍而无法来诊所的,也可以灵活地选择在线预约和治疗。

我拥有澳洲心理学博士学位。在从业心理治疗之前我也在澳大利亚大学担任学者多年。由于这样的背景和经验,在从业中我已经帮助过许多大学生, 包括国际学生,如何更好地适应和应对繁忙的学业和学习压力(作业,考试等),增强自信和学习能力,在困难的时段如何寻求适合的帮助并有效地实现自己的学习目标。

我自 1997 年起成为一名注册心理学家。我是澳大利亚心理学会 (APS) 会员。



Evidence-Based Therapeutic Approach / 循证治疗取向

Fees & Rebates / 费用及保险回扣

Please send me an online booking request for my session fees. Depending on your eligibility, Medicare or Private Health rebates may be available.

  • Eligible clients with a valid referral or Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) issued by a GP or psychiatrist can claim Medicare rebates for up to 10 individual psychological sessions per calendar year. The current Registered Psychologist Medicare rebate is $93.95 per 50+ minute session.
  • Private health rebates depend on your private health policy and ‘extras’ cover. Please contact your private health insurance to find out if you are eligible and the exact rebate amounts.
具体费用请发在线预约要求或询问。根据您的具体情况,您可能可以获得澳洲医疗保险(Medicare)或私人健康保险的回扣。持有全科医生或精神科医生的有效转介及心理健康治疗计划 (MHTP) 的咨客,每年可以有最多 10  次个人心理治疗的澳洲医疗保险回扣。当前注册普通心理执业师医疗保险回扣为每次(50 分钟)92.90 元。私人健康保险回扣取决于您的私人健康保险条款和 额外保项。具体回扣金额请联系您的私人健康保险公司。

Meet Dr Wei Wang

  • Chinese psychologist, Mandarin speaking psychologist

  • I relax with readings and music

  • I embrace nature and like to immerse myself in it to enjoy the sense of harmony with it.