Brisbane City Psychologists Counselling for Relationship Issues

Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) Eases Emotional Upheaval

The psychologists who base their practices at Brisbane City Psychologists offer a range of effective methods to help their clients remove emotional blocks, overcome issues and regain more control over their emotions and lives. Psychologists successfully implement the agreed-upon technique and work with each client on a personal level to achieve the best possible results for all involved.

One of the approaches psychologists offer to their clients is EFT (Emotion Focused Therapy). This is a fantastic method for couples who are experiencing marital distress, including relationships where one partner is suffering from chronic illness, post-traumatic stress and depression.

The focus of EFT is developing the emotional intelligence of clients and it works very well with couples who are in need of help. When we experience our emotions we are able to know how we feel and what we want in certain situations.

With the use of EFT, clients are able to make sense of what their emotions are, how to understand them and to modify reactions when needed. This kind of method is wonderful for clients who have a need to address some difficult emotions as they are able to do so in a safe and caring environment with professional guidance to deal with the process.

This method uses research based on attachment in adults and distress in marriages and combines experiential Rogerian techniques and structured systemic interventions. When negative cycles occur in relationships there becomes a need for an effective method such as EFT.

EFT helps both partners reach a stage where they can create more positive cycles which then begins makes the relationship feel safe and enriching rather than angst-ridden and volatile. This occurs when, in therapy, partners learn to express their needs and feelings better rather than following the typical criticize-defend or withdraw-pursue patterns that occur.

For example, where the woman may once state angrily in an argument, “You don’t care” she can begin to speak out from her feelings with statements like “I need you to reassure me”. Men move from withdrawing behaviours and statements like “We can’t discuss this I don’t want to fight” to “I want to learn to help you and be close”.

Great for Couples

Couples will benefit greatly from EFT. They will in particular experience great relief as the recovery rate from marital stress is 70-73%. In just 10-12 sessions there is a huge improvement seen. With EFT you can find freedom from what is holding you back from enjoying meaningful, full and open interactions with others. Our friendly and warm admin team at Brisbane City Psychologists are here and ready to help you take the next step. Visit us online at today.