Free Yourself of Executive Stress

Too often in today’s world people suffer from work related stress and the many negative outcomes of putting too much in to their work life. Alongside affecting the ability of the employees to function at their peak performance it also affects the productivity of the business on a whole if the staff members are stressed and not coping.

Usually stress comes about when a person’s workload is increased or the demands of their job are more than they can cope with, but sometimes longstanding negative life patterns come into play too, which can make the situation compounded for the individual and co-workers.

Working with senior executives and professionals for many years has shown us that effective strategies and evidence-based methods can be used successfully to overcame these issues. Individuals can develop the necessary skills and become assertive communicators, overcome stress, achieve organisational effectiveness and, above all, maximise their individual wellbeing.

Symptoms of stress

It is very important to learn to recognise the signs of stress. All staff need to be aware of signs of stress in themselves and their co-workers. For some people, realising they are stressed may seem obvious but others can continue on and ignore the little signals when they will only become worse.

Headaches, muscular tension, fatigue, insomnia and heart palpitations are the more common signs of physical stress, while anxiety, depression, irritability and pessimism are psychological symptoms of stress. If you, a co-worker or employee are showing any signs of these it’s important to take action to minimise the side effects of chronic stress.

Causes of work stress

Working long hours, increased workload or deadlines that are tight can contribute to stress as can changes within the company or to work duties. These causes are external; however, core beliefs are internal and can create or add to work related stress.

‘Subjugation’ is one negative life pattern that can often cause issues for employees as they constantly feel like they don’t have a voice in the room. People who suffer from this often are unable to speak up if they are being asked to take on more work than they can handle. They may be unable to say ‘no’ if they are being pressured in some way that they are not happy about.

‘Unrelenting standards’ is another negative life pattern that can come into play in the workplace. An employee may have a great desire to over achieve in order to avoid being criticised and as a result are over critical of themselves and possibly of others too.

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