What to Expect When you See a Psychologist

What to Expect When you See a Psychologist?

Often the thought of coming along to see a psychologist for the first time can be daunting. However, for most clients the first session is an opportunity to share things that have been on your mind and start to gain some support and clarity in an environment that helps you to feel listened to, respected and comfortable. If you are considering seeing a psychologist for the first time, read on!


What Happens in a First Session?

The first session at Brisbane City Psychologists typically takes one hour involving a comprehensive assessment where your goals for therapy are discussed.

  • What We Do

    In first sessions I like to really get to know you and understand what has lead up to you making an appointment. We spend some time talking through current life circumstances as well as past history. The initial session helps to clarify the current problem/s and to consider how you would like your life to be different as a result of coming along to sessions.

  • How are YOU feeling?

    Like for many other people, you might be functioning day to day and look “okay” on the outside to people around you, but on the inside are feeling a sense of stuckness or lack of vitality. Or you might be experiencing more severe symptoms which can seem overwhelming and which are significantly impacting on your quality of life. The first session represents an opportunity to talk about what is important (as this is different for everyone) and to determine the extent of symptoms and whether they may meet a clinical diagnosis.

  • How we will work together

    I work from several different therapeutic approaches, drawn from best practice guidelines and I tailor sessions carefully to match my clients based on their personality, goals and strengths. We discuss things that you can begin to do straight away as well as treatment approaches and timeframe. The first session is also an important opportunity for you to ensure that you feel comfortable with your psychologist as a good therapeutic relationship is central to best outcomes.

How We Can Help You

At Brisbane City Psychologists we are all very experienced Clinical Psychologists who have many years of training and client experience and who work from therapeutic approaches that are considered best practice based on mental health research.

Some of the most common reasons that our clients have for seeking some additional help in their lives include:

  • Depression

    Depression/Mood symptoms that interfere with you being able to lead the life that you want to.

  • Anxiety

    Anxiety struggles including generalised anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety.

  • Stress

    Stress related to work, family or other issues.

  • Relationship Issues

    Relationship issues often take the form of a repeating pattern of interaction which is distressing to both partners and prevents emotional closeness and security in the relationship.

We also have Clinical Psychologists who specialise in OCD, trauma and PTSD recovery and many other specialist issues we can help you with.

Our goal is to empower you to live the best and healthiest life possible by helping you to understand past and current struggles that may be blocking you and to learn practical ways to feel more confident at creating and living the life that is right for you.


Making Your First Appointment

You can call us on 1300 751 204 and speak with our receptionist who will be more than happy to discuss your queries. Alternatively, you can Make an Appointment online.

  • Choosing the right psychologist for you

    When you call to make an appointment our friendly receptionist can suggest a psychologist for you or you can read through our psychologist profiles on the website and choose the one you feel would be best for you.

  • Investment and Rebates

    GPs can make a mental health diagnosis and draw-up a Mental Health Treatment Plan for eligible patients to get a Medicare rebate for psychological treatment. The current Medicare rebate as of November 2015 is $124.50 for one hour session with a Clinical Psychologist. Private health rebates are also available. You will have the opportunity to discuss the fees and rebates with our friendly receptionist.

I hope this article helped you answer some of your questions. If you want to find out more, book a Free Consultation with one of our experienced Psychologists to discuss your issues and concerns and ask any other questions you may have.


Shannon YeardleyBrisbane City Psychologist
Shannon is a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in treating depression, anxiety disorders and stress/burnout. Shannon also specialises in assisting and supporting clients who are moving through difficult life transitions and stages.