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The Top Five Reasons That Prevent You From Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

You are not alone… Most people struggling with depression, anxiety, stress and other common issues find it difficult to take the first step and seek professional help. If you are reading this article though, chances are you already started your journey. Looking for information about symptoms you are experiencing or to try and answer questions you have is […]

Understanding and Recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be a debilitating disorder that may affect not only an individual’s life but also the lives of family, friends and the community surrounding them. The disorder can emerge following exposure, either directly or indirectly, to a distressing situation such as witnessing a death, natural disaster, suffering or witnessing abuse, […]

Tips to Prevent a Depression Relapse

The likelihood of recovery from depression, with appropriate professional treatment, is very good.  Depending on the type of treatment, most people start noticing an improvement in about two to six weeks. Although most people recover from an episode of depression, some may experience a relapse within the following year. It is therefore important to learn how to prevent it […]

Social Media and Relationships

mX News, Thursday September 11, 2014 by Kelly Scott Constant arguing and a dwindling sex life might be usual signs a relationship is shutting down, but a new study has named Facebook as a home wrecker. Research by Boston University found social media users were more likely to be changing their relationship status to “single” as a […]