Therapy should be as Individual as Each Client

Whether our current time in history is “the best of times or the worst of times” depends mostly on the point of view of the individual and what they are experiencing at the time. There is no doubt that we are fortunate to live in a society where we have the freedom to pursue our dreams and aspirations. However, many thousands of people are blocked from taking part in this because of past experiences, emotional barriers or perceptions about their ability and worth as a person.

Fortunately in these times, we also know a great deal about human behaviour and how many of those perceptions started. We also know a lot about how to correct that behaviour, knock down those barriers and allow people to step into a new way of thinking about themselves and their world. Behavioural psychology is a field that is now accepted as a valid method of assisting people to improve their quality of life and address the underlying issues that are holding them back.

Range of Psychological Services Available

Brisbane City Psychologist is a professional organisation offering a range of services to their clients through regular contact with a trained psychologist. From their city premises, they provide a welcoming and secure environment in which their clients can discuss their problems and work with their therapist to develop solutions. The convenient location is readily accessible by public transport and there is inner-city parking also available.

Working with a psychologist a client can typically expect therapy to be tailored to the type of problem they are trying to address. There is a number of different forms of psychological therapy they can access, depending on the nature of the problem. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in psychology and every therapy is designed to suit the individual.

One popular method is CBT or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which is a short-term, focussed therapy designed to allow clients to identify unhelpful thinking and behaviour patterns and to change these. CBT has been rigorously trialled and tested, and proven to be scientifically sound. It is a very active process, and clients should expect to be totally involved in their own therapy. CBT continues outside the therapy sessions in the form of ‘homework’ as research has shown that practicing the techniques learnt in therapy is the quickest form of healing.

New Therapies Emerging

Brisbane City Psychologist also offers other therapies including ACT or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy which is more recently developed. It is effective for treating smoking cessation, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, diabetes management, addictions, self harm and other negative behaviours. Emotion Focused Therapy or EFT is helpful for couples having relationship problems and assists them to feel secure with each other and establish a trusting bond.

These are just some of the disorders and behaviours that can be treated through the application of psychological principles. In this day and age, there is no reason for people to stumble through life in emotional pain and distress when there is help available.