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Worried about seeing a psychologist for the first time? These steps can help you have a positive experience.

  For many people, taking the plunge and going to see a counsellor or psychologist is a daunting prospect. If you are worried about taking this big step, you are not alone. There are many potential worries about the process that can stop you getting the help you need. People come to see us with […]

What is Psychological Trauma?

Trauma is typically defined as life-threatening experiences or a significant threat to one’s (or someone close) physical and psychological wellbeing. And, unfortunately, trauma is omnipresent – for instance, the loss of a loved one is inevitable, and sometimes it happens in the least expected way and time. In addition, we may face our own or […]

Add Value to Your Life

Sometimes we might feel as if there is a gap in our lives – between where we are and where we would like to be. Sometimes we feel that we’ve come to a crossroad and we’re not sure which way to go. Sometimes we ask questions about the meaning of life. A powerful way that […]

First Aid for Stress

When you’re running short of time and under the pump, feeling stressed and worn out, what’s the typical human response? Skip meals, eat at your desk, cancel lunch, work back later, catch up on work at home, eat take-away, stop exercising and socialise less. While these coping strategies can help in the short-term, if they […]

Get Outside To Boost Your Mood

Many of us would acknowledge that we feel better, perhaps a bit refreshed, lighter or more relaxed after a day spent in nature, but not so many of us would consciously prioritise spending time in nature as a way to improve mental health. Scientists working in the field of eco-therapy have been studying the effects […]

Worried About Your Worry?

Worry is one of the most common reasons people come for counselling. It’s time and energy consuming, anxiety provoking and very distracting. It takes us away from actually being in our lives and instead living inside our heads listening to a never-ending documentary. To a lot of people worry can be mistaken as a form […]